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Sample Theory Test

Q1.            What is the legal minimum tread dept of a tyre ?       1.4mm    1.5mm     1.6mm*   1.7mm.


Q2.            What light comes on after amber?    Red*   Green    Blue  


Q3.            What is the max speed limit for a car on a national road?    80km/h   110km/h  120km/h  *100km/h


Q4.           You get dazzled by the lights of an oncoming car at night do you ?  Flash back with main beams,  *Slow down prepare to stop,  Speed up,  Press the horn.


Q5.           What dose a broken white line along the center of the road mean? Hard shoulder,   End of speed limit,  *You may cross only if its safe to do so, No overtaking.


Q6.           Can Taxis use a with flow bus lane?   *yes    no      when its free    Only at night.


Q7.           DO you always have to stop at a stop sign?    not always,  If no one is around    *Yes always.


Q8.           Is a learner driver allowed drive on a motorway?  Yes     Yes only if on second licence,  only during the day time,   * No.


Q9.           How many pints of beer are you allowed drink before you drive?  4.     1.   *0.     2.


Q10.         What is the overall distance of a car travelling 50km/h in dry conditions?    50meters   10meters  *24meters  45meters.


Q11.         What clearance should you normally give to parked cars?  None, 1meter,  depending on the size of the car,  *the width of a car door.


Q12.         What dose a green light mean?    speed up,  hurry up,   *you may go if the way is clear,  


Q13.         When should you use rear fog lights?   At night,   In winter,   * In weather with poor visibility,   at all times.


Q14.         Can you ever stop in a yellow box?   No,  *only when turning right and waiting for traffic to clear, only in a emergency.


Q15.         How would you recognize a zebra crossing?  Near a zoo,   red lights,    *flashing beacons.