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July weather wise has been the worst on record.

However I was to congratulate all the people who over came the nerves and pressure to pass there driving test.

Congratulations to the following.

Chanlen Lee.

Michale Rowe.

David Barriscale.

Helen Noddy.

Dean Brophy.

Bernard Stokes.                                                           

Muhammed Munir.  
         passing for july

Aishling Halligan.

Michale Dowling.

Susan Fitzpatrick.

Niamh Cusack.

Well done to all of you, all your hard work paid off We are also delighted that like the months of Febuary, March, April, May, June and July  were all 100% records pass rate with no one failing! We will aim to have August the same way. For more information on pre test lessons click here

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