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The Road Safety Authority (RSA)  welcomed the announcement by Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport Mr. Leo Varadkar that an additional €50 million is to be allocated to Local Authorities to repair regional and local road surfaces.

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Commenting on the announcement Mr. Noel Brett said “This is a very significant and welcome development. Both the Board of the RSA and I have previously expressed the concern that a lack of investment in roads maintenance could see a deterioration in the quality of road surfaces and consequently have a negative effect on road safety. Our greatest fear is that there would be an increase in the number of collisions where poor road conditions are cited as the main contributory factor. Recent adverse winter weather coupled with a decrease in spending on road maintenance has led to deterioration in road surface condition particularly in rural areas.”


Mr. Brett added that “In addition to the €350 million already allocated for this purpose the extra €50 million in funding will go some way towards improving the condition of our roads. I am particularly pleased that the additional funding will be provided immediately to Local Authorities, to enable work to be carried out this summer and autumn.”


“I would also take this opportunity to request that a review of roadside verge cutting regulations and practices be undertaken to ensure that dangers posed to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. Haulage operators and farmers by overgrown verges and roadside trees are minimised”


Concluding Mr. Brett said, “June was worst month for road fatalities in 2012 with 26 people killed. In the first three days on June 2013 we have five people killed. With the arrival of summer weather, increased tourism and the start of the harvest season we make a plea to all road users to take personal responsibility for how they use the roads. We cannot allow a repeat of last June’s carnage. If we all play our part lives can be saved, catastrophic injuries can be avoided and needless heartbreak prevented for families across the country”.

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