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Gardai in the South East and across the country will be clamping down on unaccompanied  Learner drivers from this weekend.

Garda Sergeant in Waterford City, Tony Merrigan, told Beat News there will be a zero tolerance policy towards unaccompanied drivers:

“What we’re actually doing currently is we’re revising our policies with respect to learner permit holders driving cars on our roads while unaccompanied.

And as and from this week on there’s a zero tolerance coming in, in that if a learner permit holder is stopped by a Garda whether it’s at a checkpoint or through some inaction on behalf of that driver, then the learner permit holder – if there isn’t a qualified driver present with them – they’re going to receive a fixed charge notice which incurs two penalty points and a fifty euro fine.

And if they get three strikes they’re out, so if they’re stopped three times, received three fixed charged notices and six penalty points then they lose the right to drive.”

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