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Over the past few months we have been very busy, with many new changes in the new year the more noticeable of the new style driving licences, and new penalty points for learner drivers. We delighted with the number of learners passing their driving test. Preparation is key in order to pass any test. I have even met some drivers who over the years who have failed the test a number of times, and they themselves admitting only getting one lesson the day of or before the driving test. And when they put in the time and effort with more preparation, seen their driving standards rise and pass the driving test with ease.


                                    I want to congratulate the following people who passed their driving test  in Waterford with A-Class School of Motoring.


For the month of January congratulations to.

Liz Martin.        Liz who later commented on our Facebook page wrote. “Passed my driving test today thanks to the amazing Niall. A million thanks couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again”


Michael Minahan.


Rachael Burns.


Ryan O’ Hanlon.


Richard Byrne.                                                                                   driving test 2


Dr. Muhammad Zafar.


Edward Dempsey.


Sarah Phelan.


For the month of February congratulations to.

Chloe Laffan.


Pippa Lee.  Pippa later commented on our Facebook page.     “A big thanks for helping me pass my test today, never thought I would pass first time :D”


Michael Power.


Jim Murphy.


Jeyaseelie O’ Sullivan.  Jeyaseelie later commented on our Facebook page. “Hey Niall, Thank you so much for all your help. I would never have managed to pass if it wasn't for all your help and advice. I still cant believe it!!! I'm recommending you to anyone i know. Best of luck in the future cos if you can teach me you can do anything :) “


Emily Vorchykhina.


Anthony Coughlan.


Shane Rocheford.


For the month of March congratulations to.


Anna Armotova.


Mark Walsh.


Barry Skelton.     Barry later commented on our Facebook page. Thanks for all your help before the test, would'nt have passed without it!! Best instructor in the town!!”


Katy O’ Connor.     Katy  later commented on our Facebook page. “Niall! Thank u thank u thank u for helping me pass my test! The lesson right before hand really calmed the nerves! best instructor award goes to u! :):):)”.


Adam Power.


Emma Holden.


Siobhan Purcell.


Declan Pierce.


Kate Murphy.                                                                                             passing test


Niall Phelan (BE Car trailer).


Patrick Wall.


Kim Power.


For the month of April congratulations to.


Alan Waters.    Alan later wrote on our Facebook page wrote. “Well Niall, Alan here thank you for all you help.Im delighted i passed this morning and i would recommend everybody getting lessons to come to you,thanks again!”


Shane Williams.


Catrina Kearns.


Stephen Farrell.


Mark Rellis.


John Fulong.  John later wrote on our Facebook page wrote. “Thanks very much for all your help Niall. I got there in the end! I would (and will) recommend you highly to anyone looking for lessons. Thanks again!”

     For more informaiont on pre test lessons or driving lessons in Waterford please contact us. 

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