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                    For the month of April and May A Class School of motoring is delighted to pass on our heartfelt congratulations to our clients who passed their driving test. We are particularly delighted with the pass rate for all our learners who completed the full course of EDT12 lessons.


For the month of April congratulations to the following.


Katie Harris.



Jack Waters.



Niamh Daly.         Niamh   later went on to our Facebook page to later comment. " A big huge thank you to Niall from a A-Class Schoolofmotoring . Passed my test first time. Highly recommended brilliant instructor".



Lizzy Byrne. 



John Kehoe *     John later went on to comment on our Facebook page. " Passed my driving test first time today all thanks to A-Class Schoolofmotoring.. I would highly recommended Niall, an excellent instructor who supports you throughout the entire process.... Now bring on the weekend celebrations! — feeling excited.






Dean Hearne *.




Melanie Walker.




Gosha Trojak.             Gosha later went on to comment on our Facebook page. "Big day for me today! I passed my driving test. Thank u Niall for all ur good advices and ur patience. That few lessons were hard work and great fun at the same time"




David Coughlan.  * 





Jason Hannigan.  *





For the month of May congratulations to. 





 Gareth Hepburn.  *





Eric Chan. 




Sarah Quinn. *               Sarah later went on to comment on our Facebook page.  " Delighted to have passed my driving test first time, couldn't have done it without your help Niall A-Class Schoolofmotoring — feeling happy".





Nicola Cullen.  * 






Rose Wyse.





Martin Murga.





Isobelle Reid.





Kim Mahon.             Kim Later went on to comment on our Facebook page. " Passed my driving test first time thanks to A-Class Schoolofmotoring!! Thanks a million for your help and advice niall:-) ".






Congratulations to you all, we are delighted to hear you were all very happy with our service. For more information on driving lessons in Waterford   please contact us.




*Took the full  EDT course (12) lessons with A-Class. 





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