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If you need to Tow a Horsebox or Trailer with a Jeep or Car with a gross vehicle weight of over 750Kg (2 axle as shown in the picture below). Then you must hold a full EB LicenceWithout the correct licence (category EB), you're not insured and could be prosecuted! Facing penalty points and fines. 

Your category ‘B’ (Car) driving licence only covers you to drive a vehicle up to 3,500kg & trailer up to 750kg. If you want to tow a trailer with a gross vehicle weight of more than 750kg, you are required by law to hold a full ‘EB’ licence

                                                                                                                                car trailer 1  

A-Class School of Motoring offers pre-test driving course in Car/Jeep and Trailer for persons wishing to sit the driving test for licence category BE (car and trailer). We don’t currently supply a vehicle for this category, but we do offer lessons in this category with a excellent service and low cost prices. 

How to get started on getting you obtaining a category EB licence.

1, If your full licence is older than 5 years old, you must do a theory test under category B for more information on the theory test click here.

2, Once you have successfully passed the theory test you then must apply for a learner permit,for more information on this click here.

3. After you have received your learner permit the last and final step is applying for your driving test in this category, for more information on this please click here

For the specification on the trailer size needed click here.

For more information on driving lessons in Waterford please contact us.

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